Flour and Fancy is a blog taking on food, photography both in and out of the kitchen, and all the world offers us to fancy.

Hi, I’m Callie – the mind, the mixer, and the mouth behind the blog.  Bread Bounty // Flour and Fancy

I am a self-taught cook and baker.  Dreams of culinary school danced in my head, but my culinary training remains rooted in my family, a heavy amount of reading and study, and pure experimentation.  I’m a vegetarian and focus on meat-free flavorful fare with as much chocolate as possible.  I am a life-long writer and have been snapping camera shutters since I was a toddler.  Flour and Fancy is a combination of those three passions: food, words, and images.

Flour and Fancy features recipes, gardening, reviews of cookbooks and novels with food taking center stage, and photographic imagery.  I share with you my own developed recipes and those of others, reviews of great books, gardening tips and reflections, and adventures and experiences in restaurants primarily located in the southern portion of the country.

Cranberry Cherry Pies // Flour and Fancy


This is a space I created to share with you my kitchen concoctions, to take you along with me for every mixing and munching moment. Thank you for joining me.


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