Delicious Reads


If there’s one thing that always trumps my love of food, it’s my love of reading.

I confess:  I’m a bibliophile.  My love affair with books has been a longstanding one.  I admire them with both thick spines and digital copy.  Lately, reading has been taking up a great deal more of my time than baking or broiling.  Naturally, that reading has centered book on edible topics and otherwise.

Here are some dazzling books and cookbooks that I’ve read lately that should definitely make their way into your hands, on your tablet, and maybe even in your heart:


I’m not typically interested in self-help oriented titles – just not generally my cup of tea.  But this book by Jason Wachob, the founder of mindbodygreen, is a dazzling testimony to life, love, and learning.  In introducing us to the concept of not wealth but “wellth,” the author shares insights centered on moving, eating, believing, loving, healing, and more.  I was very energized and inspired by this book.  I felt his strategies were valid, and his ideas served as food for thought as I considered my own life.


One of my big goals for 2016 was to embrace the art of Indian cooking.  Indian food, with its plethora of spices and colorful flavors and textures, has always intimidated me.  So, as I began my journey into this exotic cuisine, this book played a key role in helping demystify the techniques and help me to think, “Hey, I can do this!”  I’m still immersing myself in all the various methods and recipes found in this book, but suffice to say, there’s much more garam masala in my life.


I devoured this book in only a couple of sittings.  It’s a tale of one woman’s descent into emotional darkness seen through the eyes of three people close to her within her life, and the center of this devolution is her rejection of meat.  Soon her physical body is fading as rapidly as her mind, and the intrigue lies in the various perspectives of her husband, sister, and brother-in-law.  Written by South Korean author Han King, the prose is richly descriptive and haunting.


A new dessert cookbook that focuses on seasonal fruits?  That’s an obvious one for me.  Cover to cover, I was enchanted by the recipes in this book along with all the inspiration I garnered both from the recipes themselves and the stunning imagery.  This is definitely in the running for one of my favorites this year.  The chamomile honey panna cotta needs to go on your personal bucket list – just sayin’.

My oven misses me, I think, and my book shelf is starting to buckle under the weight.  Time to return to the kitchen!

What’s a great book or cookbook that you’ve dived into recently?

Note: I received complimentary copies of all the titles mentioned from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions reflected are my own.