Bakery-Style Cinnamon Rolls

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Great cookbooks inspire us.  When I read a great cookbook – as I’ve been doing extensively this summer and plan to continue in the fall – I feel as if special secrets are being shared with me.  I’m transported to a quiet kitchen with a half-open window, the sounds of birds singing, and warm smells permeating in my nose.  Flour everywhere, sticky glazes leaving a sheen along the surfaces.  A great cookbook transports you and invokes a desire to bake that can only be satisfied when the oven is preheated and the standing mixer is churning ingredients.

My latest cookbook beloved is A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets.  When I embarked on absorbing and devouring this text, I had one thing in mind: I wanted to read about the delicious pastries I see through glass cases when I’ve visited bakeries across the country.  I want to experience what those bakers are creating and make it in my own kitchen.  First stop: cinnamon rolls.  While I’ve made countless cinnamon rolls in my kitchen, I wanted to explore them from the perspective and the recipe stash of a renowned baking legend.  I enjoyed the more narrative style of these recipes and the high level of detail.Read More »


For The Love of Baking: Bundt Dough

A Jewish Baker's Pastry Secrets / Flour and Fancy

This summer has been all about cookbooks for me.

I have been working on a personal goal of spending my free time devouring as many books filled with recipes as possible, and this has been reflected in my content here.  After all, food is best shared, and recipes are treasures.  As I inhaled these texts and beautiful images, I also wanted to work on refining my baking game.  What could I learn from true masters to make baking in my own kitchen yield a more delicious and personally gratifying result?

One book that I studied thoroughly was A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets.  This book adapts the recipes of a New York baking legend, George Greenstein, to the home cook.  From Jewish holiday baking to my area of interest, European classics, he presents his dough and pastry recipes in a way that creates dazzling results for the just beginning and highly experienced home baker.Read More »