It’s Gardening Time!

It's Garden Time // Flour and Fancy

It’s the middle of April with spring clinging to the breeze.  The frost dancers have put up their shoes for the season.  And this opens us to my favorite part of spring: the beginnings of our garden.  You’ll remember my reflections on our first garden last year.  While we had grown little edibles in the past – some herbs here, a tomato plant there – last year marked our first major effort in generating some ample food stuffs and launching what we lovingly called our urban farm.  We approached the term with humor since we live far from an urban area but are hardly the embodiment of “country folk.”  We had victories; we had failures.  We had lots of fruits and veggies.  And we were both ready to do it all over again, bringing new ideas and lessons learned.

Diana, Princess of Wales Rose // Flour and Fancy

We’ve already planted our flowers for the season and begun to watch them grow.  The Diana, Princess of Wales roses we planted this year are already blooming!  Planting the flowers first is our way of getting jazzed up for the season.  First comes pretty blooms, then comes colorful fruits and vegetables.

Our organic seed collection has been growing over the last two months, and with each packet comes possibility.  Much of our garden last year was in containers, but this year, we plan to truly break and till the soil, planting all our seeds truly in the ground with both expectation and hope that this method will yield even better results. Coming into this year’s growing season after an abundance of lessons learned last year, I’m incredibly excited – both about the bounty and fun recipes that it will yield in my kitchen.  Photographing the progress is also one of my favorite parts, watching through images as the tiny seeds morph into colorful maturity.

Here’s some articles I’ve been enjoying as we prepare to put seed to earth in our vegetable garden:

Happy Gardening everyone!  And share your gardening images with me on Facebook – I’d love to see what you’re planting.


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