Sand and Sweets: Images From Our Wedding

Our Wedding // Flour and Fancy

Just under two weeks ago, my long-time beau and I were married.  Yes, yes – we made it legal on the North Carolina coast at Ft. Fisher Beach.  We were both elated, anxious, overwhelmed, and filled with joy.  It was a beautiful day.

And like any beautiful day, this day had beautiful food.  It was the edibles that I most wanted to share with you.

Our cake was simple in its decor with coloring that complimented my dress.  It was exactly as I wanted – simple and refined.  Ruffles of icing roses with beach blue accents.  Inside, however, it was a chocolate smorgusboard!  Our cake was created by One Belle Bakery, a phenomenal Wilmington-area bakery with a plethora of offerings that brought a sweet accent to our day.  Our wedding cake was one of the bakery’s signature choices: “Lord Have Mercy.”  The cake is comprised of chocolate-chocolate chip cake with layers of chocolate fudge.

The cake was so rich and decadent and, combined with our butterfly-filled bellies, we were scarcely able to take more than two or three bites.  Combined with the rich icing, this was the epitome of what chocolate cake is meant to be – rich, dense, and supremely flavorful.

Our Wedding // Flour and Fancy

Alongside the cake, we had champagne, raspberry macarons, and lots of love.  Our ceremony was very intimate – I called it “elopement style” – and private.  So, while food is typically something I revel in sharing, these treats were more about savoring.

The beauty of the cake, the other sweets, all the flourish – it was the perfect accent to a perfect day.  A day that celebrated the relationship that we’ve shared for several years now and our commitment to a future together.


So many of the sweet memories in my life are accented by food.  Call it a Southern thing.  We accent every special milestone and memory with a cake, a multi-course dinner, a signature dish.  Every memory worth remembering has a fork in the foreground.

Our nuptials were no exception.

Our Wedding // Flour and Fancy

September will now be an extra special month for us.  And I’ll never look at a multi-layered chocolate cake the same way again.

And thank you to everyone who shared with us love and well wishes.  You were held closely in our hearts on “the big day.”

Our Wedding // Flour and Fancy


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