Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops

Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops // Flour and Fancy

Summer is here, folks.

I doubt that’s any sort of news flash for you.  Your T-shirt has already begun to stick to your body; the beach is beckoning your name.  Hello, summer.  We missed you.  Kind of.

I’m always looking for new ways to cool off during the hot Virginia summer days in the 80 and 90 degree range.  One of my favorites: pops!  They are cool, refreshing, fruity, and for me, they make a great way to use sliced melon and berries.

Honeydew + Melon Smoothie Pops // Flour and Fancy

We’ve been busy, busy in the garden over the past few weeks, and one of my favorite crops from our urban farm is the raspberries.  Juicy, sweet – in a word, perfect.  I eagerly awaited the debut of the berries, and now, they’re here and ready for cool classics and new recipes.  Muffins, smoothies, pops – I use berries in all my kitchen adventures.

The recipe I’m featuring today is one of my summer favorites.  It’s essentially a smoothie on a stick.  Made up of whole milk, fresh melon and berries, and sugar, it’s delicious, refreshing, and packed with nutrients and some protein.  Sure, it has sugar, but the amount is far less than you would find in a supermarket popsicle or a smoothie from your favorite drink spot.  My fella even loves these, and he is not a raspberry fan as a general rule.  I couldn’t pry this pop from his fingers!

Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops // Flour and Fancy

The combination of honeydew and raspberries is sheer perfection.  Honeydew is sweet with a mild flavor, and the combination of raspberries brings a bold tang.  Fruity harmony.  And the beauty of an urban garden like mine is that you can combine your favorites from the garden with organic fruits at the local grocery.

These pops are incredibly easy to make.  Popsicle molds, a food processor or blender, four ingredients, and you’re ready to go.

Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops // Flour and Fancy

Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops
Makes six, 4-ounce pops


  • 2 1/2 cups honeydew, sliced
  • 2 1/2 cups raspberries
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar


  1. Place 1/2 cup of raspberries aside.  Combine all other ingredients in your blender or food processor and pulse for one minute.
  2. Using your popsicle molds, fill each mold with mixture to 1/3 full.  Then, drop two to three raspberries into the mold.  Fill another third and repeat.  Then, fill to the top with the mixture.
  3. Insert popsicle sticks and place in freezer for a minimum of four to six hours.  Once thoroughly frozen, enjoy!

Tip: Depending on the size of your mold, you may have some of the mixture left.  It makes a delicious smoothie to enjoy while you wait on your pops to freeze!  Also, another trick, to get your pops free from the mold, run the mold under warm water for approximately 20 seconds.  That should loosen your pop and make it easy to remove.

Honeydew + Raspberry Smoothie Pops // Flour and Fancy


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