Vegetable and Cheddar Meatloaf

Vegetable and Cheese Meatloaf // Flour and Fancy

Flour and Fancy is decidedly a sweet place.  A blog of pies, tarts, and cookies.  But my passion for kitchen antics extends beyond mixing, chopping, and baking the sweets that are regularly featured here.  Another kitchen love of mine is the evening meals I make for my fiancé and any guests that greet our home.

At my house, baking is a realm that I completely dominate.  However, cooking a savory meal is something we both trade off on.  My fella makes a fantastic pizza, a mouthwatering steak, succulent mussels, and a dynamite spaghetti.  With all the cooking he does – admittedly, more than I do – I love an opportunity to greet him when he comes home with a piping hot meal.Read More »


Chocolate Chunk and Candy Cookies

Chocolate Chunk and Candy Cookies // Flour and Fancy

In my opinion, the best cookies combine two essential ingredients: a great, satisfying taste and a hint of nostalgia.

I love these cookies in particular because they combine chopped semi-sweet chocolate with mini peanut butter candies.  In a single bite, you’re met with the taste of hand chopped chocolate and a familiar candy that you’ve always enjoyed.  Nostalgia.

Cookies always invoke thoughts of my childhood for me, especially when I see candy dotted through the dough.  I’m instantly reminded of Christmas Eve and the careful placement of cookies and milk for Santa.  I remember my Mom surprising my sister and I with delicious cookies, hot from the oven for no reason in particular.  I think of Saturdays watching movies with my favorite peanut butter candies encased in a candy shell.

I’ve always equated baking cookies as a labor of love.  My mother baked cookies the most around the winter holidays, and I, in turn, do the same.  Before I made these cookies, my fiancé and I were at the grocery store, and I saw him eyeing the cookies.  I smiled and said, “I’ll make some.”  Sure, they may ultimately soothe the same craving, but the scarcely chipped cookies in the blue bag don’t compare to these babies.Read More »

Jenna’s Dark Chocolate Pudding and ‘Out To Lunch’

Jenna's Dark Chocolate Pudding // Flour and Fancy

Novels with food taking center stage – also known as “foodie novels” – have grown in popularity, and no one does this genre better than Stacey Ballis.  Stacey has written several novels for readers to savor and salivate over, and her most recent, Out To Lunch, doesn’t disappoint with a storyline that will capture your heart and food that will ensnare your appetite.  From the first of Stacey Ballis’s novels I read, I was hooked, and now, I’m a dedicated reader, living in a state of constant anticipation of her next written work.

In Out To Lunch, Ballis creates a story that’s all about best friends, love and loss, and fantastic food.  Jenna has lost her best friend, business partner, and proclaimed “sister by choice,” Aimee.  Aimee was Jenna’s rock, in many ways the center of her universe, and Jenna is left trying to negotiate the world without her.  But Aimee throws Jenna for a loop with her final request – to take financial custody of Wayne, the husband she left behind.  Jenna was never fond of Wayne – his odd and limited culinary palate, his range of personality quirks – and she’s left wondering, “What was Aimee thinking?”Read More »

Gluten-Free Blackberry Yogurt Scones

blackberry yogurt scones

I love scones.  And I love baking for the people I cherish in my life.

When you’re baking for others, you must take dietary concerns to heart in selecting the perfect baked deliciousness.  You’re not making your famous sausage and cheese balls for your vegetarian friend.  And you’re not baking sugar laden cookies for your diabetic aunt.

So, when you want to bake something warm and gooey for your gluten-free pal or family member, what do you do?  When a gluten-free way of eating gained in popularity and those around me began adopting that way of munching, I was immediately alarmed.  How could I make fluffy muffins for my gluten-free co-worker?  And that cousin – how am I going to send him a care package of cookies when he’s nixed gluten?

However, after a bit of research, I realized that converting the ole recipe box to gluten free is easy!  A substitution here, an addition there, and BAM!  You’ve made a gluten-free delicacy that your friends and family will adore.  My point: Don’t be afraid of gluten-free baking.Read More »