Book Review: ‘Southern Makers’ + [Giveaway]

I hope you had a fantastic and food-filled Thanksgiving and are enjoying a less-than-stressful Black Friday!

In addition to a fantastic meal devised by my fiancé and I, I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Great family.  Great friends.  Great life.  And you.  I am so thankful for my readers who have delighted in my posts as I began the journey of creating and publishing Flour and Fancy in September.  Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing your thoughts, thank you for sharing the content on this site with others, and thank you for engaging me via social media.

Thank you.

In that spirit of sharing, I wanted to share a book that debuted in mid-October that I am completely enchanted with: Southern Makers: Food, Design, Craft, and Other Scenes from the Tactile Life by Jennifer Causey.Read More »


Five Friday Fancies

Great internet finds.  Beautiful books.  Phenomenal photography. Filling foods.  Every week, I’m sifting through amazing content on the world wide web – great recipes, interesting articles, beautiful photography, and hilarity galore.  I’m reading great books.  I’m eating some tasty foods, sweet and savory.  From time to time, I want to take Friday to share with you my five favorite finds, gems of pixelated, penned, and plated perfection.

This week, with the countdown to Thanksgiving in its last days, if you’ve been online, you’ve been bombarded with all things Turkey – or Tofurky! – Day.  Decor.  Side dishes. Sweet dishes.  Savory dishes.

You get the idea.  Instead of rambling on the lingering days until the guests come over to feast upon your edible labor, this week’s Friday Five is going to focus elsewhere – with just a hint of Thanksgiving commentary.

So, here’s my favorite bits of awesome this week:Read More »

Mocha Latte Cakes


This cake recipe that I devised – almost by mistake – is one of my favorites.  It’s dense, moist, and the ultimate form of chocolate satisfaction.  It is the product of a late-night chocolate craving ringing through the house.

This particular cake – with its chocolate and coffee notes – combines two flavors that knock my socks off.  Rich coffee meets sweet cocoa in this decadent cake.  You’ll find yourself resisting the urge to eat the whole thing!

This cake is similar to pound cake but lighter.  It’s dense, but it still embodies that crumbly cake texture – think pound cake meets coffee cake.  Eat it for dessert; eat it for breakfast.  And don’t forget the chocolate whipped cream!

This recipe makes four small cakes, each serves four servings.  Perfect for sharing.  If you’re like me, food is best when shared.Read More »

Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts with Brown Butter Glaze

Celebrating Pumpkins

The second recipe in the celebration of pumpkin is a sweet treat: doughnuts!

Thanksgiving is upon us, approaching so rapidly that I’m constantly surprised by the days left in my countdown.

During this holiday in which food is bountiful and thanks is plentiful, we like to serve the traditional fare – turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish – but I like to throw in a few surprises in the meal.  And those surprises usually surface in the dessert course.  Well, dessert courses.  I always make multiple desserts laced with chocolate, pumpkin, fruit, and fancy.

In fact, I usually make too many desserts, and I’m often trying to give them away.  We’re taking desserts to work; we’re sharing with neighbors.  The sugary goodness is too bountiful to contain.

This year, I’m making smaller desserts.  I’m trading in the 9-inch pie plate for oven safe ramekins.  And I was immediately drawn toward dessert options that were small, personally sized, and easily shared.  Inspiration struck: doughnuts.  But not just any doughnuts – pumpkin spice doughnuts.Read More »

Pumpkin Flax Granola

Celebrating Pumpkins

This week, Flour and Fancy is featuring a celebration of pumpkin.  Recipes that include pumpkin are fall favorites, and there’s no better time of the year to hail this orange behemoth.  This isn’t the first time pumpkin recipes have been featured on Flour and Fancy – the spiced pumpkin bread recipe from September is delicious!  Now, we’re featuring two recipes that center on pumpkin and pumpkin flavors.  And first up, granola that integrates pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie spice.  Yum!


I have been a long-time commercial granola purchaser.  I find myself constantly enticed by the bulk food section of the grocery, specifically when I see the visually stunning granolas filling the clear containers with their plastic handles ready to release the grain and fruit goodness.  I’ve purchased and tried it all – coconut and almond granola, vanilla and cherry granola, nutty granola, cranberry and pecan granola, pumpkin spice granola.Read More »

Dark Chocolate Scones


There are two things we love at home: chocolate and coffee.  Cold and warm coffee options are a staple, and dark chocolate is always in good supply.

That being said, some of my favorite items to bake are accompaniments for coffee.  Scones are, hands down, my favorite baked good to enjoy with – and often dunk in – a hot cup of coffee. I often bake them on the weekends, starting the day filling the house with the smell of flour, sugar, and chocolate rising at high heat.

I’ve experimented with my scones – adding fruits, candies, and chocolate – but my dark chocolate scones are the biggest hit and serve as the best partner to morning coffee.Read More »

Mom’s Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with Cornbread Muffins


My recipe collection has been continuously growing for years.  If memory serves, I began to amass recipes of all kinds just after graduating from college, although microwave meals were the foundation of my diet at that time.  But despite the thousands of recipes I’ve collected, sometimes nothing beats a recipe from Mom.

Cooking has been a craft deeply imbedded in my family through the generations.  My grandmother made her signature stack cake – thin, velvety layers of cake stacked between layers of a sun-dried apple paste.  Her biscuits were her pride.  She didn’t use the phrase “I love you” with great frequency.  Instead, she expressed her love for you in her mashed potatoes, cornbread, and fried pies.

My Mom is much the same – more “I love yous” but no less cooking.  She loves to experiment, creating desserts and savory dishes that she has perfected over time.  Her cheesecake borders on legendary.  And each time I visit her, while we always visit a fun restaurant for a meal and cocktails laced in conversation, a hot meal from her kitchen always awaits me.Read More »