Blueberry-Blackberry Pie


Technically, the summer hasn’t left us just yet.  And while I am a confessed not-summer-fan, there are elements of the season that delight me: flowers, hikes, and, of course, seasonal cooking.

As my edible farewell to summer, I made one of my favorite summer recipes one last time: blueberry-blackberry pie.

I’ll admit that transitioning from my city-girl life to living in the more rural setting I found myself in five years ago was a challenge, but I’ve grown to see so many advantages, especially from a culinary perspective.  In the woods behind our home, large blackberry bushes cover the edge of the woods.  At the beginning of spring, the bushes begin bursting with pops of red; the berries make their debut.  Within weeks, red gives way to black, and we inevitably make our way down to the field to collect the berries for me, braving the thorns and our dogs, who demand berry snacks along the journey.

With summer coming to a close, I decided to allow my stock of plump blackberries to depart as well as I made one last blueberry-blackberry pie.Read More »


Spiced Pumpkin Bread


I confess that I am not a pumpkin pie fan.  In fact, my tastebuds find it revolting.  Nonetheless, I love pumpkin.  I count the days until the pumpkin spice latte returns to my local Starbucks and find my shopping hopes shattered if I don’t find pumpkin spice coffee creamer available at the local grocery.  Pumpkin cupcakes are given to celebrate all cold weather birthdays.  Pumpkin scented candles line my home office.  Pumpkin truffles?  Oh yes!  I even plot home decor surrounding pumpkins when the temperature drops in our small Virginia town.

And, of course, I have my go-to pumpkin bread recipe adapted over the last few fall and winter seasons that brings everyone back for a second slice or a late night tip-toe into the kitchen.

A good pumpkin bread should be sweetness waltzing with spice.  Not bland but instead a fall flavored pillow-like explosion in your mouth.  At our house, loaves of this bread is a basis of french toast and peanut butter or Nutella™ sandwiches during the fall and winter months.  And well, sometimes in the spring, too.Read More »