Muffin Madness: A Recipe Roundup

Muffins are a baker’s best friend.  They are entirely customizable, easy to execute, and can be adapted to most special dietary requirements.

Want a delicious breakfast in a snap?  Making a delicious food gift for your vegan or gluten-free pal?  You never bake much but want to create something beautiful to have around the house for a snack?  Muffins are the answer.

Muffins are the perfect personal-size treat for any occasion or no occasion at all.  From breakfast to snack time, they are a perfect option.  I wanted to share a collection of muffin recipes from Flour and Fancy and other accomplished food bloggers.  These muffin recipes include options for every season from cool weather to warm, summer to winter, and also feature vegan, paleo, and gluten-free options.

Mango and Coconut Muffins
These tropical muffins are a great pick for summer months or when you’re craving a tropical heat wave in the cold winter months.  With fresh mango and flakey coconut, they are a perfect, sweet snack!

Skinny Pumpkin Protein MuffinsMuffin Madness: A Recipe Roundup | Flour and Fancy
Pumpkin and protein combine in this deliciously healthy muffin!

White Berry Chocolate Muffins
Muffin Madness: A Recipe Roundup | Flour and Fancy
These Berry White Chocolate Muffins have everything to make them muffin winners – a perfect little dome, soft and buttery texture, sweetness (but not too sweet) from the fruit and chocolate chips, and a nice crunch on the coveted muffin top!

Sugar-Free Raspberry Baby Muffins
Muffin Madness: A Recipe Roundup | Flour and Fancy
These sugar-free muffins are easy to make, filled with fruit flavor, and a great on-the-go snack for kids and adults, too!

Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins
Muffin Madness: A Recipe Roundup | Flour and Fancy
Apples, oatmeal, and cinnamon join in this delicious muffin that freezes very well to enjoy now AND later!Read More »

Hot Turkey Sausage Balls

Hot Turkey Sausage Balls | Flour and Fancy

Breakfast is a big deal at my house, as is good Southern fare.

I was a long-time breakfast denier.  No breakfast.  Never.  It wasn’t until college that I started enjoying cereal and waffles, and I wouldn’t touch a pancake prior to the last two years.  And I’m still not a big fan of a number of breakfast foods.  Pork sausage.  No, thanks.  Eggs served any way you make them.  No, no, no.

However, my husband adores breakfast in all its forms, and for the sake of domestic bliss, I needed to find breakfast recipes that worked for both of us.  You know, something more than having a cup of coffee together, another item that we both have very different tastes on.  First, there was Dark Chocolate Scones.  Then, there was Sunday Morning Pancakes.  But these hot turkey sausage balls are just for him.Read More »

Perfect Popovers

Perfect Popovers | Flour and Fancy

Popovers make the perfect partner to a great meal.  These hollow, light rolls made in muffin tins jazz up what could otherwise be a mundane everyday meal.

When I was reading and falling in love with The Homemade Kitchen, I think its author, Alana Chernila, put it best.  She writes, “I have one back-pocket recipe that can save any breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Special birthday breakfast on a school morning when we have to get out at 7:00 a.m.?  Popovers.  A soup pulled from the freezer that not quite as delicious as I remember it?  Serve with popovers.”Read More »

Let There Be Pumpkin: A Recipe Roundup

Fall officially began on September 23rd, and with it comes baking and cooking with a beloved favorite: pumpkin.

It’s this time of year that excites me most from a culinary perspective.  Scents of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and nutmeg fill my kitchen with autumn splendor.  This also means that I’m hungrily in search of new ways to integrate these flavors into my oven and my skillet.

Pumpkin is a very versatile ingredient that incorporates well in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.  From breakfast to dessert, there are few meals that pumpkin can’t enhance when included with other flavors and spices.  To kick off the season that celebrates pumpkin dishes in all their delectable forms, I wanted to share some exciting recipes both from Flour and Fancy and from other food bloggers that place this delicious ingredient center stage!

 Spiced Pumpkin Bread
Spiced Pumpkin Bread | Flour and Fancy
This soft, warm bread combines pumpkin puree with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger for the perfect taste of fall.  Great for breakfast, with tea or coffee, or as a snack.Read More »

Brown Butter Honey Pumpkin Bread

Brown Butter Honey Pumpkin Bread | Flour and FancyI love fall.  I begin counting down to its beginning in August, and while the season doesn’t officially start until Wednesday, I had to kick off the celebration early!  When I moved to Virginia from Nashville a few years ago, that was really the moment that marked my deep appreciation for fall.  Sure, I always loved the sweaters and the colors, but when I came here and began an existence that allowed me to be closer to nature, to start a garden, to frolic in a field just in my backyard, I suddenly felt the change of the seasons more fully.  Fall remains the season I enjoy the most.

When I decided to begin this blog two years ago, I chose to do so just as fall was saying hello in September.  Autumn is the season that most inspires me in the kitchen, that awakens all the flavors we put to rest as the temperatures grew warmer.Read More »

Chocolate Cake For Leeda

Chocolate Cake For Leeda // Flour and FancyWhen The New Sugar and Spice arrived on my doorstep, I tore through the box like an excited child dives into a colorfully wrapped gift.

I’ve read a number of articles lately discussing the fact that cookbooks today have morphed into photograph-laden paper weights whose value lies more in serving as a coffee table book than any real use in the kitchen.  The point of view isn’t without merit.  You know that cookbook you saw in the bookstore with imagery that made you salivate.  You drooled at pictures of beautifully baked goods and felt compelled to buy it.  You arrived home.  You scanned the book.  You marveled at the top-notch photography.  And the story ends there.  You didn’t bake a single recipe.  It’s happened to me, and I know it’s happened to you.Read More »